Pa. Oboh was indeed a great warrior and was also a very strong man in all respects. History has it that  Pa. Oboh, when he was to die, called his three sons and told them that when he dies, his corpse will not been found for burial.


He told them also that if they could not find him, as he has said, they should search within village square, at the beginning of Ogbe quarters (now known as Odogbe quarters) and there they will find an ‘Ukhimin tree’ under which they will also see some white native chalk and some cowries signifying where he finally exited this earth. He further told his children that the Ukhimin Tree will be his monument, to be called “Oboh-non-Ughele”, and be kept alive and maintained as a place for serving their ancestral fathers and founder of the town Ebudin. This is why Ebudin is also called “Idi-mu-Oboh” (meaning Oboh’s place).

Pa. Oboh also enjoined his children to ensure an annual celebration of his memorial via mass procession of the entire Ebudin people in the community (which in Ebudin is known as “ino-okpukpe); bringing with them, white native chalks, cowries, and kola nuts, along with funfair and shooting of Dane guns in commemoration of his being a great warrior, defender of the people of Ebudin and their ancestral father. He also told his children that the native chalks from his monument can be given to the people of Ebudin, who should use it for protection against wars, accidents, and other human calamities; stressing that whoever has the native chalks, genuinely given by his children, will never have any misfortune  as long as this native chalk is with him. 

Pa. Oboh also assured his children that in case of any impending trouble or war, he will always come out by mid-night to shout a war cry, in Ebudin native language (Okokogho! Okokogho!!, Okokogho!!!, Okokogho!!!!) Four (4) times. He advised them that whoever hears this type of cry, should quickly inform others and ensure they all perform the “mass procession” to his monument immediately. He re-assured them that when this type of service is done him, he would prevent them from the impending trouble or war. He also assured them of the protection of their siblings, wherever they are, provided they own allegiance to him-the Oboh-no-ughele. 

It must be mentioned here that, indeed there have been occasions, in the past, when misfortunes have been averted from happening in Ebudin via this invocation of the “Oboh-no-Ughele’s name by his Children. Some elders of Ebudin have attested to this and they easily recall a time, in the past, when a cry of ‘Okokogho’ was heard all throughout the town, but nobody saw or new who shouted and they had to quickly organize the mass rally to the “Oboh-no-ughele” shrine and no misfortune happened. 

The author can personally recall the incidence of the Nigerian civil war, when the Biafra soldiers, after they took over Igueben town and moved into Ebudin, they could not stay in Ebudin for more than few hours as they were driven away by “Soldier Ants” and the “Honey bees” that stung them en masse, in all parts of their body. They could not resist the poisonous bites from the soldier ants and the bees and they had to quickly leave Ebudin Community as they were in great pains as a direct result of the bites from the ants and the bees. They had actually started using the chairs and tables in the St. Patrick’s Primary school, Ebudin for firewood, when they started experiencing the bees and ants’ bite. Probably sensing that it was by divine means, they had to leave Ebudin community immediately. That was how the Nigerian Civil war was averted from taking place at Ebudin.

Another remarkable incident worthy of mention here were the incidences of the experiences of most of the Ebudin sons who enlisted in the Nigerian army, went to war and returned unhurt. They had series of near-death experiences, including bomb explosions, bullet wounds and lack of food in days, which led to the death of some of their colleagues, but as Ebudin sons, they were not hurt, ascribing such feat to the protection of the ‘Obo-no-Ughele’. Some experiences have been told, by some indigenes of Ebudin, who were involved in motor accidents but survived due to the intervention of the ‘Oboh-no-Ughele’. 

Stories have been told also of the inquisitive attempt by some pupils of the St. Patrick’s Primary School, Ebudin, that went cutting a branch of the Oboh-no-Ughele Tree only for the tree to bring out blood from where the branch was cut and the pupils had to quickly tie back the branch and further treated it as you will treat a human sore. This experience has been told from generation to generation till date. The veracity of these claims is however left to posterity.

More intriguing about the Oboh-no-Ughele Tree today, is that the tree has not grown more than it has been since it was first discovered centuries ago. This has given more credence to the various claims that indeed the Oboh-no-Ughele Tree is the true monument of Pa. Oboh, the founder of Ebudin.


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